In this guide we’ll be creating a new badge “Scholar” that we will grant to individual users manually. Let’s get started!

Create a new custom badge

Create a new custom badge from Admin > Badges page by clicking on “New” button.

Fill out badge details

Fill out the badge details. In our example, I am naming the badge “Scholar” and badge type “Gold”.

Note that badge image can either be a font awesome icon or an image URL. In this example I chose the font awesome icon “fa-graduation-cap”.

Go to user admin page

Browse to the admin page of the user you want to grant the badge, and click on “Edit Badges” button.

Select the badge

Select the badge which you want to grant to the user. In our case the badge is “Scholar”. Now click on “Grant”.

Badge granted successfully!

Go to user profile page > Badges tab and you will see newly granted “Scholar” badge!

That’s it. Now go grant some badges to your users!