(advanced topic)

During our provisioning we have a need to run certain commands on the host.

Usually bootstrap runs all the commands inside the containers, however for our internal provisioning we often need to ensure the host has a certain structure.

To assist this I added host_run support to our container config file. Commands in host_run will be executed:

  1. Prior to bootstrap
  2. Prior to start

So for example

   name: "Sam"
   - "echo $name"
   - ls
   - boom

Will output

Host run: echo Sam

Host run: ls
bin  cids  containers  image  launcher  README.md  samples  scripts  shared  templates

Host run: boom
./launcher: line 179: boom: command not found

Note, if any command fails, execution of launcher will halt.

Source: https://meta.discourse.org/t/host-run-support-for-launcher/19771