Users may be invited to the site and prestaged in a group.

Upon account creation the user will be added to this group.

This feature is useful when you wish to invite a group of private beta testers, employees, etc.

This feature is only available to forum admins

Using the UI:

Using the API:

require 'discourse_api'
client ="somesite",port)
client.api_key = "your key"
client.api_username = "an_admin"

client.invite_user_to_topic(topic_id: 1, email: "[email protected]", group_ids: "1,2,3")
client.invite_user_to_topic(topic_id: 1, email: "[email protected]", group_names: "bugs,cars,testers")


At the moment you may not invite users to predefined groups such as, trust level groups, admin, mod or staff groups.