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Also @riking if you want to exercise our install and see if that’s true, please do:

I think I will, except I’ll use VirtualBox instead of a cloud server. Just to be different than what you suggested :P.


  • Got ubuntu-13-10-server-amd64.iso
  • Running install right now [15:44 PST]
  • Refusing that silly Ubuntu Landscape™ proposal
  • On the "Software Selection" screen, I mark only PostgreSQL database.

    This is not necessary.

  • [15:50 PST] Install is done, I have a user shell.

Installing Docker

  • The first thing it asks me to do, install linux-image-extra, does nothing but set the image to manually installed. This means I’ll have to manually remove it if by any chance I do several kernel upgrades in the future and want to clean out old crap.
  • gpg: "36A1D786925C890F966E92D857A8BA88D21E9 is not a key ID: skipping well that’s wonderful, I mean, I went to all the trouble of typing it in.
  • Aha, if I add the repository to my sources and update, apt-get gives me the correct key ID: because the public key is not available: NO_PUBKEY D8576A8BA88D21E9 (which happens to be the ending part of that long hex string). Running the key fetch-and-add with that shorter hex string (D8576A8BA88D21E9) works right away.
  • Done installing Docker, it’s [16:01 PST].

Getting the Discourse docker image

  • As root, mkdir /var/docker, adduser kane docker, and install -g docker -m 2775 -d /var/docker.
  • Start following the Getting Started section
  • Git clone fails - git isn’t installed! Heh.
  • Hmm, it’s getting permission denied - I’ll just switch into root instead of relying on groups.
  • I guess I’ll just put fake info in for the hostname stuff. I do own, but cba to set it up right now
  • The ssh_key is important. It’s in the format of the ~/.ssh/ file. Surround it in quotes. Example
    >ssh-rsa AAAAB3NzaC1yc2EAAAADAQABAAABAQDSnKNsGL1muizhZ/QN/2xNkIvoeG3AkeWz/0SV/AaVKxnsMvbTHIJXe2vle6lSU/6YRRr/BCsCIrZb4qk0/vlx/p5pJmqhT7Wp8XIYnmBGO5B38PT2aycKoHIWT3Os9ExmyrFfClOrjfcUxzE1pF43myqDD0B7SpmzBWcMLDpl5D2pza4EmsOgF6eB0OGDmM9gBA9wswHa9At2337heZAN/bVRZ49YpAG02gTuQuVdb00ioQpv6rAZUsANiQh0XycqHvE0RBvGlwjfLHGe9GYYPrKLeFPLeKreERbfWnM5PAmexLG0I09WvyY3ChN0X9y6KH5Q1b+vWAMwIV9dyuRZ root@ubuntu

  • [16:12 PST] Starting ./launcher bootstrap app
  • [16:22 PST] Bootstrap done, (note that it took 10 minutes) ./launcher start app succeeds, a little port forwarding setting in VirtualBox, and:

    # Success! :smile: